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Vodafone will Pay Your Phone Bills

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new vodafone service

A good news that Vodafone has launched a new service for payment of purchased applications on the Android Market, which provides the opportunity to charge the cost to be paid on the customer’s phone bill. For now this new service will be available for Germany and Great Britain, but does know that the same company will soon be extended to other countries.

In my opinion, this is an excellent service to customers, but also for developers, which should derive some benefit more in terms of sales applications, since there are still many people who do not buy from the market precisely because it want to enter credit card details.

Only drawback is that currently the service will be available only to customers who bought a smartphone in a Vodafone center, and only in the future it is expected the extension to all customers of the company.

We hope that other operators to adjust and publish the same service, just so you can promote a rapid and widespread.

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