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The World’s Smallest Android phone from Wimm Labs

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smallest Android phone

It seems that goes against Wimm Labs, in fact, as we know, now all smartphone vendors try to create ever larger screen sizes but this company is trying to produce a new Android smartphone that will become part of the Guinness World Record for the most because it will small world. This model can be used as a clock or as a keychain.

The new Android smartphone from Wimm Labs, as mentioned before, the smaller the world for smartphones, is confirmed by the 1.4-inch capacitive touch display with a resolution of 160 × 160 pixels. Among other key features include a 667 MHz processor and expandable memory up to 32 GB.

We also find an accelerometer, a magnetometer, and special software and custom applications for small displays. We will be able to view the call, messages, weather, calendar and more through other applications.

The operating system will find the base of this device should be Android or at least a specially customized version of Wimm Labs programmers. It seems more likely the second choice because Android was not designed to be compatible with the display so small and thanks to the fact that it is an open-source can be a good starting point for designing a new OS is compatible with these types of displays.

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