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ClevaCom – The Android application Protects your Privacy

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ClevaCom demo Android

And who does so ingenious. when you possess a girlfriend dull for example, who would want to maintain an eyesight on all of your word concept as well as your phone log, it not rely on you? Be aware which i make utilization of the feminine, however the reverse can also be possible, for positive versus what your boyfriend does not drag as well a great deal here! ClevaCom recommend you have some sort of “private place” in your mobile: you find the correspondents with whom you desire to speak in privacy and their calls and SMS could be discovered inside the app and never elsewhere.

But one of the most amusing is how the app cache that information. For regardless of whether you entry it, you will must phone call 6969 and dial a solution code that you simply have configured. Apparently, the developer was just a little shocked as he believed of everything: if your faithful companion or your beloved companion arrived throughout this app and asks you accountable, it will suffice to prove your very good faith, saying how the term password is 1234 … password will deliver straight to some false background devoid of any conversation!

You can download the ClevaCom demo Android application and limited to one day from Android Market.

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